The Instructor & Pilates

The Instructor

Lynn Erichsen

Certified with Stott Pilates: Mat, Reformer, V2Max, Stability Chair

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Lynn Erichsen began her fitness career as a teenager when she became certified as a swimming instructor and lifeguard. She subsequently pursued her certifications in Aquafitness, Weight Training, Personal Training. She was introduced to Stott Pilates in 1999 and found a program that dovetailed with her personal exercise philosophy - you get better results when you are consciously exercising. Concentrate on how your muscles perform an exercise while you work out and you will achieve quicker, better quality results. This approach changes the strength with which all your daily activities, from shoveling the sidewalk or raking the lawn to playing sports, are safely performed.
Learn the techniques of Pilates with Lynn. She will help you achieve and maintain your active lifestyle.
The Erichsen Studio opened in 2006. Here Lynn is able to teach Pilates and combine it with other fitness activities like weight training in a personal atmosphere. She does this in order to achieve the results best suited to each individual client in private to small group settings where the focus is on you, the client.

Pilates Explained


Pilates works for all ages, and all fitness levels. Its elegance, simplicity and clarity are a refreshing approach to fitness that will change how you go about your life. Pilates teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, helps you release tight, overworked muscles and strengthen weaker ones. It is a series of slow, precise, low-impact movements that strengthen and make you more aware of maintaining your body mechanics. Pilates is not an aerobic exercise, rather a sequence of movements similar to a yoga workout effort.

The Mat

You can achieve great results without complicated equipment – just you, a mat, and the right guidance. If you have an interest in creating a home workout, Mat work is ideal. You will be guided through a series of slow, precise and low-impact exercises that help you achieve balance and avoid poor postural habits. Through mat work, you can learn simple tools for maintaining and increasing your core body strength and flexibility which goes a long way to preventing injury.

The Reformer

Take Pilates to a new level of challenge with the Reformer. The Reformer builds on mat work, using adjustable pulleys and a sliding platform to address every muscle group. The Reformer stabilizes your core while strengthening your lower and upper body.

The V2Max

The V2Max is the latest addition to the Pilates family. This new variation on the Reformer adds an innovative vertical frame pulley system to offer you an even wider range of exercise options.

The Stability Chair

The Stability Chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. It also facilitates those who need to stay in a seated or upright position. This workout is ideal for clients new to Pilates and can be incorporated into a workout for the advanced client.

Weight Training

Weights have been shown to improve your fitness and your health helping you maintain bone mass and improve balance.
Take the Erichsen approach to weight training – a low-weight, high-rep approach that takes just 20 minutes, twice a week. The weight training program can be combined with a Pilates program. 20 minutes free weights, 40 minutes Pilates.
Lynn will train you on studio free weights, ensure you understand how to work out most effectively and prevent injury – and then she’ll show you how to maintain your routine at home with minimal equipment and time.

Bike - Elliptical - Treadmill

Aerobic exercise is a big part of staying fit. The Erichsen Studio is equipped with an elliptical trainer and stationary bike.
As a Pilates or Weight training client of The Erichsen Studio, you can use these machines at prearranged times, free of charge.